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Patty Wright, Real Estate Professional
  • "The WRIGHT Real Pro 4 U"
  • 2011 FIVE STAR Real Estate Professional
  • Winner of the 2009 Circle of Excellence Award
  • Graduate of the Alpha College of Real Estate
  • Member of Hampton Roads Realtors Association
  • Member of Virginia Association of Realtors
  • Member of the National Association of Realtors
  • Member of the Multiple Listing Service & Real Estate Information Network

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Norfolk

Homes for sale in Norfolk

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Norfolk

Homes for sale in Norfolk

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach

Homes for sale in Virginia Beach
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Client Reviews of Patty Wright

  • Patty Wright is definitely in the right profession I was blessed the day she walked into my life, a little over a year ago. She wasn't even my realtor at the time, but I knew I wanted her to be. When it was our turn to buy a home we knew exactly where to find the "Wright" realtor. Patty has the perfect balance of fun, professionalism, knowledge, and honesty. She has morals that are almost unheard of these days, especially in the business world. Her conscious is enough to keep her on the right track, boy do I love that. I personally witnessed Patty resurrect a deal three times. If there is an ounce of life left in a deal, Patty will find it. She will also tell her clients when they are holding the short end of the stick. We are living in a beautiful three bedroom home right now because Patty resurrected our deal three times. She would still be working out the details long after we had given up. My husband and I spent most of our honeymoon with Patty, it was a memorable time and well worth it.

    Patty has a way of turning everything into a learning experience. There were times we would walk into a house and know within seconds that we didn't like it, but Patty would encourage us to write down what we did and didn't like for future comparisons. This helped us a great deal, after looking at so many houses they all started to blend together. Thank goodness we had our written notes to refer back to. There is only one word in the dictionary that Patty doesn't know the meaning of, and that word is "quit". This is something Patty cannot and will not do. We love her!!!!

    Anthony & Stacey G., Virginia Beach

  • Patty understood what we needed.
    "In order to protect entitlements, this transaction needed to be done through a corporate entity. It needed to be done so that it was not tangled in our estate. We had challenges, BUT having Patty Wright as our Realtor made our mission surmountable. Patty understood what we needed, what we wanted for our daughter, and what she could afford. Patty's patience as we sorted through the myriad of issues was remarkable. Patty's humor kept us sane! Most importantly, through negotiations and eventually when the closing was eminent, Patty was thorough. She continued to protect our interests as buyers and maintained her professional manner as she dealt with VHDA, inspectors, contractors, etc. You are fortunate to have Patty Wright as a member of your real estate organization. We'd never hesitate to recommend her."

    Linda & Terry R., Virginia Beach

  • Thank you for helping us get this wonderful house.
    "Patty, I wanted to write you to let you know how much Matt & I really appreciated how much you helped us with buying our first home. I know that it's your job to help people like us, but you seem to go "above and beyond" just a job. Thank you for letting us take our time and dealing with the whole family! We love the house. You are more than welcome to come over and visit. Again, thank you for putting up with us and the entire family! And thank you for helping us get this wonderful house."

    Jessica L. & Matt F., Virginia Beach

  • I'm so grateful they met you.
    "Dear Patty, I had to do a little something for you to thank you for all you did for Matt & Jess. I'm so grateful they met you - you were so patient and helpful for those two, and I SO enjoyed the experience. God Bless you and your family - from my lips to God's ears, hope to see you again."

    Laurie F., Ohio

  • Patty is truly a top notch Realtor
    "Patty Wright recently served as the listing agent for my home in Virginia Beach. Patty devoted nearly a year to successfully marketing my home in a less than favorable real estate market. Perhaps more importantly, my sale was a short sale, which Patty single-handedly negotiated with a less-than-responsive lender! Many real estate agents cringe at the possibility of representing a seller in a short sale situation. Patty was quite the opposite. She tackled the short sale, which is a very paperwork-intensive and time consuming process, with her usual tenacity and positive attitude. Not only did Patty negotiate the short sale and market the property on my behalf, she did all of that with me four states away during the entire process. Patty never failed to keep her out of state seller (me) in the loop with everything regarding the property. In an otherwise very stressful situation, I always felt secure leaving the sale of my home in Patty's hands. Patty combines years of extensive experience, a can-do attitude, and great interpersonal skills in order to serve her clients on a level unsurpassed in the Hampton Roads real estate industry. I highly recommend Patty to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Hampton Roads. It should also be duly noted that my property was a lower middle class property and not a Virginia Beach waterfront estate. Nevertheless, Patty always made my home seem like a top priority. I think it speaks volumes when an agent, who is in high demand, always provides each of her clients with the utmost care and attention. Patty is truly a top notch Realtor and a great friend!"

    Andy D., New Jersey

  • I will forever keep your name & number
    I hope you are doing well. I wanted to let you know I will have all of my things moved into my new home by the weekend. I am so excited and thrilled to be a new home owner! Please allow me to take a quick moment of your time to say how much I appreciated you being my agent. You were so skillful and compassionate when working with me. You definitely went the extra mile and that made this some what emotional and stressful journey at times tolerable. I could not have achieved this without your assistance. I sincerely thank you so much for your knowledge & professionalism, but more so for going far and beyond what your job description probably calls for. I still can't believe how you searched and searched for a home for me until I/we found the right one! I will never forget how late you were up at night searching for a home for me. There were times when I had actually given up, but you never did and I just want to thank you for that!! Of course I was not the only file you were working on, but you sure made me feel like I was. You took your time with me and that is exactly what a first time home buyer needs. Please know how great it was for me to work with you while searching for my first new home. I will forever keep your name & number on my rolodex! Keep up the good work Patty and it was a pleasure meeting you!!!!!

    Sincerely, Tracy G., Virginia Beach

  • Patty coordinated each aspect of both transactions
    Patty Wright was my REALTOR and represented me as both a seller, then buyer. Patty explained the selling & buying process to me up front. With each transaction, I knew exactly what to expect every step of the way. Patty was extremely up front, and as a result, there were no surprises, and everything went smoothly.

    For me, the transition from seller to buyer had me a little concerned because of logistics and so forth, but Patty coordinated each aspect of both transactions, so each went forward to settlement without a glitch.

    As a seller, I witnessed Patty continually market my home to get buyer traffic in, and then she would provide me feedback with every single showing. When an offer was presented, Patty explained all of the conditions and terms so I knew exactly what my bottom line was. Whenever I had something to sign, Patty thoroughly explained each document to me so I had complete understanding of what I was signing.

    When I was the buyer, I was willing to offer full price on a property that I really liked. Patty ran the comps and told me to go in with a lower offer. Based upon her advise, I did offer lower, but the seller countered back at full price. Patty was sure it would not appraise at full price because of the comps we reviewed. She wrote language into the contract that the seller would be bound to sell at the lower the price and not void the deal if the property appraised lower than full asking price. As Patty had predicted, the property did appraise low, and although the seller was less than happy, I got the home I really wanted at a great price! Patty expertly negotiated on my behalf for both transactions, and as a result, I was an extremely pleased seller and buyer with her representation.

    I would highly recommend Patty Wright to any seller or buyer that I know. She demonstrated that she works diligently with her clients best interests at heart.

    Kelly T., Virginia Beach

Patty Wright, REALTOR

Patty Wright Real Estate Professional
Rose & Womble Realty Company
4190 S Plaza Trl Virginia Beach, VA 23452
(757) 635-4476
2011 FIVE STAR Real Estate Professional
By Patty Wright
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